Winning starts before you even get to the track. Proper preperation is the key to winning- and having FUN! A kart that fails to make it through the race day is a real let down. With all the money spent to get to the track, tires and fuel- having a kart that fails to perform well, or even worse- breaks can really be a let down. Don’t let that happen to you, start your race day with a completely race-prepped kart from 3G Kart Racing!
Our staff will make sure your kart runs flawlessly from the first practice till the last lap of the final. Contact 3G today, to book a slot to have your kart prepped by the best!

Kart Preparation Service

•Clean Kart
•Inspect & Adjust:
•Batteries in data acquisition unit checked
•Body Work: Bumpers and Nerf Bars
•Brake system: pads, air gap, bleed brakes, adjust pedal
•Chassis scaled and checked for straightness
•Clutch, chain and sprocket (clean and lube)
•Cooling system: Radiator, Hoses, water Pump, belt, pulleys
•Electrical System and wiring wheels and tires
•Engine checked for wear (visual and compression check)
•Exhaust system: Pipe , Header, Flex, springs, and brackets
•Fuel system: fuel line, filter, carb, reeds, throttle cable and adjust pedal
•Steering System: Column, Tie Rods, Spindles, King Pins, Laser Align Front End .
•Tighten all nuts and bolts

Shop Rate: $80 per Hour